Sarah Michelle Gellar Talks Buffy Movie: If the Story Were Right, ‘We Would Do It’

Buffy Summers is no stranger to coming back from the dead, and there’s the tiniest of chances that her show could follow suit — on the big screen.

“If there ever was the right story, we would do it,” Buffy the Vampire Slayer herself Sarah Michelle Gellar recently told E! while promoting her upcoming CBS comedy The Crazy Ones.

The (formerly) Chosen One said that she and Buffy creator Joss Whedon — who also wrote the 1992 feature film that preceded the supernatural TV series — have spoken about bringing Buff back to the cineplex.

“But the thing with Buffy is that Buffy was a movie, and it ultimately didn’t work as a film,” she said, mainly because “the story works better over time.”

With the recently Kickstarted Veronica Mars movie in production — as well stars floating talk about Chuck and The X-Files big-screen revivals — perhaps Buffy is primed to ride the nostalgia wave, too?

“At this point,” Gellar joked, “the stake would be my walker and I would be hobbling in.”


Posted on August 4 / by Annie / General News
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